Monday, February 27, 2012

Does this map look familiar?

Much of the talk about the new Congressional district map has centered around the idea that it is a "least change" map. What you may not realize is that it really hasn't changed that much in over a century.

Here's the new map:

And here's an 1899 map from the Legislative Coordinating Commission's GIS page:

There are obvious differences (including the fact that there were only seven districts,) but the basic shape of these districts look very familiar. The current CD8 is almost identical, and the 1899 map preserves the longstanding division in the Red River valley community of interest and northeastern Minnesota. The bizarre CD4 would be right at home with the tortured present day CD6.

It's all academic now that the maps have been drawn, but I find it fascinating that our current map looks so  similar.

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