Monday, October 30, 2006

Don’t do it Sticks!

Captain Fishsticks, the freelance editorial voice of the Pioneer Press, made a boo-boo. Here's the lede of a correction to the PiPress editorial endorsing John Kline:

The campaign for the U.S. House of Representatives seat from the 2nd District of Minnesota has been edgy on both sides, but in our opinion page endorsement of John Kline on Friday we erroneously reported that the Coleen Rowley campaign had produced a misleading negative video tying Kline to Washington corruption.

Although it includes Rowley campaign graphics, the video we referenced was neither produced nor endorsed by the candidate or her campaign.

By the way, correction writer, it would have been better to say "the video we referred to." Anyway, it was Sticks who made the erroneous attribution.

Well, Sticks stood up to take his medicine, more or less, which is admirable. At the end of his mea culpa, Sticks, feeling a little sorry for himself, says:

Short of gutting myself on the corner of 4th and Cedar, there is little more to be done except learn from the experience.

Spotty says, Sticks, don't gut yourself!

Spot does recommend a strict regimen of sackcloth and ashes, however.

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