Thursday, October 19, 2006

Suggested reading for Jimbo

According to an interview yesterday on Air American Minnesota with Besty O'Berry, Wendy Wilde's campaign manager, Jim Ramstad went ballistic at a candidate forum at Wayzata High School this week when another candidate (Spot's money is on Michael Cavlan, the Green party candidate for US Senate) suggested that the Republicans had, er, fibbed us into war. (Do you remember how to diagram sentences, boys and girls? Give that one a try.)

Jimbo called that slander of "good people." Well, Jimbo, you surly know that truth is a defense to a defamation action. We have plenty of truth and proof of it here.

Spot recommends you go to for a compendium of sources, lists, articles and charts on the lies of the president and his confidence men and women that got us into Iraq. Screaming and yelling won't change those facts. Jimbo, your party, with your help, has visited the most misery on the country and the world in a generation. Congratulations.

Update: For those of you more visually inclined, here's a timeline of lies by Bushco at Mother Jones. Spotty recommended.


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