Saturday, October 28, 2006

Oh Katie! Spot has something for you!

Michele Bachmann (R-Heaven) doesn't like the Catholic Church. In fact, she believes that you Catholics are a bunch of devil worshippers. How does Spot know? Bachmann atttends one of those big Christian factories in Stillwater, Salem Lutheran Church.

Salem Lutheran is a member of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. The WELS website has a long article dedicated to proving that the Pope in the Antichrist. It is a current and thoroughly modern part of WELS doctrine.

What's that you say Katie? Lovely Michele couldn't believe that? Well, if she doesn't, it makes her kind of an apostate, doesn't it? Spot knows what you think of apostates.

If she is an apostate, what's next for MIchele? New views on a host of subjects: stem cell research, gay marriage (that'll be rich), pro-choice? You know Katie, once somebody deviates from their orthodoxy, the road to perdition is short and steep!

On the other hand, maybe Michele is not an apostate and really does believe you're a devil worshipper. Take you pick.

A big thump of Spot's tail to the Blog House.

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