Friday, October 13, 2006

She has the perfect name

Here's a letter from today's Star Tribune:

As a teacher, a mother and a grandmother, I am well acquainted with many of these books that "Families All Matter" want included in curriculum.

These books are definitely difficult to present to a group of children in a classroom setting and they should be left out of the curriculum and used only for children experiencing the same type of family relationships. They have a purpose for those already involved in these unusual families, but they are detrimental and definitely inappropriate for young children who need good role models and family values.

Let's get back to individuality as intended. Let's get rid of imposed values that cause too much unrest and indecision in our already mixed-up educational system.


This letter refers, of course, to Katie bleat yesterday, commented on by Spot in Conservatives love it! Spot's gotta say, Gramma Bias is well named!

Gramma's opinion is, apparently, that kids with gay or lesbian parents should read the "Families All Matter" books because they, gosh, speak to them, but other little tykes shouldn't read them because they might become, well, tolerant.

A box of kibble to the first reader who can tell Spot where Gramma Bias teaches.

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