Sunday, October 22, 2006

Vote for Julie

Spot asked Julie Risser for the party she would caucus with if elected Senator in Senate District 41. In a comment to that post, Julie said she would caucus with the DFL.

You know, boys and girls, that Spot has been supporting Andrew Borene for the seat. Regrettably, Andrew withdrew. What to do?

Vote for Geoff Michel? Don't be ridiculous. He still need retiring.

Vote for Andrew Borene, who will still be on the ballot? A sentimental choice, but useless in advancing the ball for progressives in 41.

Or, boys and girls, you can do what Spot is going to do. Vote for Julie Risser.

Spot has been critical of Julie, but Spot's a big dog, at least big enough to admit circumstances have changed and that he's changed his mind.

Julie is so much better than Michel on many issues. She has the endorsement of, among others, the Sierra Club and Outfront Minnesota. In the days before the election, Spot hopes to review Michel's record and why Julie deserves to beat him.

In the meantime, let Spot just say that he recommends Julie for the Senate seat in District 41 and hopes you will vote for her.

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