Sunday, May 06, 2007

Erring Bobby

On Friday, Evil Bobby threw down the gauntlet about Spot's opinion, expressed at DL, that Tim Walz would be a virtually unbeatable candidate next time around. Evil Bobby, or EB to his friends, says, oh, no; here's a couple of candidates:

Do MN Observer and Spotty at the Cucking Stool really believe that Tim Walz will have a cake walk for re-election? I know they don't live in the 1st, but I say he can't get lazy (Not that he is, or would). I don't think he should run for Governor just yet. Randy Demmer and Dick Day are pretty popular fellows around here, Demmer especially. Confession: I voted for Randy Demmer in 2006.

Abbott and Costello were popular too, Bobby, but nobody elected 'em to congress. But let's consider what EB is saying.

First of all, Tim Walz is gonna have a heckuva tail wind come fall of '08. Captain Codpiece is going to make sure of that. Bush's most recent approval rating was 28%, twenty-eight percent! It is unlikely that Bush will do anything to improve that before the election. That and the fact you can be sure there won't be any Christo-fascist nutjobbery constitutional ballot amendments in 2008, and you have to conclude that the Republican turnout will be well, depressed. Whose coattails would a Republican First District candidate ride? Norm Coleman's? Surely you jest.

And now let's look at the candidates.

Do we have to Spotty?

Of course grasshopper. Anything worth doing is worth at least trying to do it well.

Dick Day. Dick "turn off the ramp meters" Day. The man who wrested control of the Republican Senate Caucus—from who was it, Dean Johnson back in the day when Dean was a Republican?—and steered a brave course to maintain caucus minority status during the entire time of his leadership? Clearly a gifted politician. Be serious EB.

And Randy Demmer? Spot will admit he knows less about Demmer. So ol' Spotty went to look at the bills for which Demmer was listed as a chief author this session. (The link will take you to the main house search page: enter Demmer as chief author.) GOLL. LEE. House Research generally only prepares a summary of a bill if it gets a committee hearing. Spot only found a couple of Demmer bills that even got a committee hearing, and then only when there were other chief authors. A real legislative giant.

Spot's favorite Demmer bill, undoubtedly very important in the hollows of Hayfield, would make it legal to shine a spot light from a moving vehicle onto residential property or building sites in order to "recover wild animals legally taken." Cletus, I think that 'coon you shot hobbled up onto the porch yonder. Shine yer light over there. Yup. Hol' it still while I finish 'im off.

Even Karl Rove doesn't think Walz is going to be vulnerable.

But the principal reason, Bobby, why Tim Walz will win re-election is that he is a terrific, talented and energetic congressman, and one of the most authentic people in that job that Spot has seen in a long time.

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