Friday, May 25, 2007

Only Women Bleed

St. Paul's date with destiny (if you define neverending breeding as destiny, which some people do) approaches and we have a preview of the event holds for us available over at Think Progress.

Describing birth control as "pesticides," Unruh attacked the recent FDA approval of Lybrel, a form of birth control that eliminates the monthly bleeding that comes with the use of more traditional birth control pills. Once again displaying the fact that it's not just abortion and emergency contraception they're out to criminalize, but birth control itself, Unruh can be heard on the tape screeching,"Big Pharma, here we go again, attack on children and families and on women. I want more babies! More babies! We love babies!"

Remember, Leslee Unruh's bringing her circus to St. Paul's Riverfront Crown Plaza July 9-11, so be there and pick up tips on how you can start your own Purity Ball and purchase your purity rings, tie clips, and lapel pins.

I'm almost certain that Leslee's partner in anti-sex legislation in South Dakota, Ted Klaudt has a stash of purity rings he'll be unloading at the conference. Cheap, too, I'd bet.

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