Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hypocrisy, thy name is Katie!

L.K. Hanson, the cartoonist at the Strib (Hanson also does Farley goes to the Fair), has a feature from time to time called You Don't Say. MNObserver, well, observed yesterday that Monday's You Don't Say went well with Katie's column of the same day. You know, boys and girls, the column about the Republican governor standing as a bulwark against the despotic Democratic masses?

Spotty pointed out that Katie had argued exactly the opposite point when it came to putting a gay marriage ban amendment on the ballot.

Anyway, here's Hanson's cartoon:

You can also make a much better case for restraining the democratic despots when the issue is protecting the civil rights of an unpopular minority than you can when the issue is a penny on the marginal pound of income taxation or collecting enough money to repair our transportation infrastructure.

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