Friday, May 04, 2007

Watching Tim

How well do you know Tim Walz, boys and girls?

Spotty, isn't he the new Democratic Congressman from Minnesota's First District?

That's right. What else do you know about him, grasshopper?

Not much.

That's too bad, grasshopper, because he is somebody to watch in Minnesota—and national—politics. He got three good committee assignments as a freshman congressman: Agriculture, Transportation, and Veterans' Affairs. The Democratic leadership in the House has identified Tim Walz as someone who speaks articulately and well about the Iraq war. He seems to Spot to be a person of great energy and talent.

How can we learn more about him, Spotty?

Thanks for the question, grasshopper. It's always easier to work with a straight man, isn't it boys and girls? One way you could do that is to read the blog A Bluestem Prairie. It's done by someone who does a really good job of observing and reporting politics in southern Minnesota's First District. Ollie's blog is now on Spot's blogroll.

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