Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Michel and Demmer

How are they alike, boys and girls?

Well, Spotty, maybe they both . . .

Careful, grasshopper.

It has to do with the gas tax bill, doesn't it Spotty?

That's right. They were both, in the regrettable words of John Kerry, for a gas tax increase before they were against it.

In Demmer's case, he was the author of a gax tax increase bill just this session, but voted against the bill just passed.

Sen. Geoff Michel was roundly criticized in the district for opposing a gas tax increase in prior sessions. Michel had a particularly tough time in a town hall meeting when citizens compared his record—unfavorably—on this issue to that of Reps. Neil Peterson and Mr. Transportation, Ron Erhardt. Michel promised, in a debate in advance of the election last fall, to support an increase in the gas tax.

How did the Great Pretender vote, Spotty?

To mix a metaphor, grasshopper, he shed his skin once again and voted against the bill.

You mean even after the sackcloth and ashes routine he put on when the Crosstown Commons project got delayed last year?

Yes, grasshopper, even after that.

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