Sunday, May 13, 2007

We call him Flipper!

Remember maybe a week ago when Evil Bobby dissed Spot's assessment that Tim Walz was a lock for re-election; he mentioned Randy Demmer as a good candidate to run against Walz? And Spot asked Evil Bobby what color the sky was in his world?

Well, it looks like Demmer is going to run, and may be being groomed—or perhaps wire brushed—for the job.

Demmer recently told a television reporter that he was unalterably opposed to raising taxes on gasoline.

Which is curious, of course, as A Bluestem Prairie points out, since he authored a gas tax increase bill earlier this year.

How do you explain that Spotty?

Perhaps—and this is just a guess—the roads in Demmer's district are in especially crummy condition, so when he was representing the interests of his district he wanted to raise some revenue to do some much-needed road work. Now that he wants to be a candidate for the big show, he's polishing his conservative creds for the whole district. Ollie's got the whole story at the link.

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