Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Red Herring

Spot mentioned the Monica Goodling testimony in his post about Katie's paean to Rachel Paulose (it's the next post, just scroll down, Spot's not going to link to it), and he linked to Eric Black's Strib article about the Goodling appearance before the House Judiciary Committee.

Among the things that Eric reported was that Goodling said that Tom Heffelfinger was considered for firing because he spent too much time on Indian stuff. Spot thought that was pretty stupid, and was going to say something about it, but EB beat him to it this morning at The Big Question:

The trouble is, the story [Monica told in the hearing] and the quote both act like now we know what Heffelfinger's name was doing on those let's-fire-these-guys lists. [emphasis in the original]

People, people, please. Goodling may know the real reason, or she may not. But that ain't it.

At the risk of sounding like someone from planet Earth, suppose you are in charge of federal law enforcement in America. And suppose you have an experienced, loyal Republican (did you know Heffelfinger was appointed U.S. attorney by both Presidents Bush), highly-regarded prosecutor, who has never received a negative job evaluation. And suppose this prosecutor is in a state that has several Indian reservations and is the chairman of the U.S. attorney group that deals with Native American issues. And suppose, just suppose, you've decided he is spending too much time on Native American issues. (Heffelfinger thinks that's drivel and it does sound drivelish, but just suppose that you do think it.)

Do you call the guy up and suggest that he reconsider how he's budgeting his time? Do you just immediately put his name on a list of guys to fire? Or is it possible, just possible is all I ask you to consider, that we still don't know the real reason Heffelfinger's name was on those lists?

Yeah, it does sound fishy, doesn't it Spotty? Mr. Black sounds pretty scornful. But what we want to know, Spot, is why Mr. Black beat you to a comment.

Because he posted at 1:03 AM today. Spot was sleeping the sleep of the righteous at that time.

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