Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Just on the odd chance

If for some reason any of you, boys and girls, haven't hasn't had enough Katie this week, Spot has a treat for you. Katie has followed up her warbling defense of Rachel Paulose, discussed by Spot here, with a radio interview by the always suave and urbane Davey Strom. You can actually hear the plaintive cry of the communis rixatrix by going to Minneapolis Confidential. Not only can you hear the effluent (that's the word Spot meant to use) praise of Paulose by Katie, while omitting the substantial criticisms of her chronicled by Spot and others, you can hear Katie say, in petulant tones, that she is rarely at a loss for words, but that the badgering of poor Rachel left her speechless!

She's right. Katie seldom lacks words: it's the stringing them together in an interesting fashion that often eludes her.

A big thump of the tail to Norwegianity for the link to others.

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