Friday, July 22, 2011

After swinging by the pawn shop

With their pawn shop bidness behind them, Amy, Kurt, Junior the Deputy, and Matt took their Buddy Can You Spare a Billion, or Even Two or Three? tour on the road, stopping at schools in every hamlet in the state to nick anything that wasn't cemented in place:
As expected, the hydrogen bomb at the center of [the K12 bill] is the nonpolicy decision to balance the budget by allowing the state to withhold 40 percent of education funding for a year after it’s due, and nothing even approximating a roadmap for paying it back.

And the devastation the shift will cause is where most of the educators canvassed on Wednesday would like the public’s attention to stay, given that the cumulative deficit it has caused is about an eye-popping $3 billion. That’s some $3,000 per pupil, or more than half the annual general fund appropriation.
Beth Hawkins at MinnPost has a great article explaining the education bill, from which this quote is taken, at the link.

There is no estimate at the time this is written of the T-shirt revenue expected from the tour.

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