Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Republican legislative leadership in the State of Grover

In yesterday's post on the Pledge of Allegiance to Grover Norquist, commenter Alec provided a list of members of the Minnesota Legislature who have superseded their oath of office as legislators with an oath to a genuine svengali. Thirty-seven members of the Minnesota Legislature have promised Grover that no matter what happens, no matter what calamity strikes, no matter what damage might occur to the citizens, commerce, or cities of the state, they will not raise taxes. They've turned part of their brains off: the thinking part, leaving only the lizard stub at the switch.

But even that is not the worst part. Three out of four of the top leaders in the Republican-controlled Legislature signed the pledge. Kurt Zellers, the Speaker, and Matt Dean, the Majority Leader, signed on in the House. In the Senate, Junior the Deputy, Geoff Michel signed. The only one MIA is Amy Koch; unaccountably missing, since she has been the biggest foghorn for no tax increase all session.

In a recent presser, the Deputy said that tax cuts were in Republicans' DNA. Nah, they're just especially vulnerable to the power of suggestion. Grover: look into my eyes. Deputy: yes Master.

The leadership controls committee assignments and the agenda for their respective bodies. How do you like the fact that, by and large, the Republican leadership is more concerned about what Grover thinks than what you think?

I think you should let them know. Just go to the legislature's website, look 'em up, and give 'em a shout!

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