Saturday, July 09, 2011

It sucks to be John Boehner

That's the title of a Rick Ungar post on his blog at Ungar recounts the times he mocked and criticized Boehner (a considerable list), but then says this:
Still, you have to admit that it sucks to be John Boehner.

Imagine if you had to make decisions regarding the successful operation of your own home and your three year old, five year old and two year old each had a full vote in the decisions that are ultimately taken.
That's a preamble, of course, to an observation of what it must be like to be the Speaker of the Tea Party House of Representatives:
Welcome to John Boehner’s world – a world where he is the leader of a cadre of children who have yet to mature to the point where they warrant election to the post of school hall monitor let alone the halls of Congress.
And Ungar says this about the back-stabbing weasel, Eric Cantor:
If these immature Members of Congress were not enough of a problem for an old school deal maker like Boehner, the Speaker has to contend with a scheming GOP Majority Leader in Eric Cantor who waits behind every door with a dagger aimed squarely at his boss’s heart.
Which made me think of the above graphic that Tild did some time ago for me.

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