Friday, July 08, 2011

Frank and Friends

That's Frank "God is my cover" Vennes and Michele "Mine, too!" Bachmann, Tim "Governor Gutshot" Pawlenty, Norm "That's funny, he was here a minute ago!" Coleman, and Ron Eibensteiner, who passed through here without leaving enough of an impression to give him a nickname. Eibensteiner, for those of you who cannot remember him at all, was the chair of the MNGOP years ago, so he's Tony Sutton's political grandpa, or great grandpa; it's hard to keep track.

This group of people -- with the exception of Frank, who knew better -- thought Frank deserved a pardon from his conviction for money laundering, firearms and drug offenses. So, Michele, Timmy, Norm and Ron proceeded to try to get him one, making their entreaties to then President Bush's conspiratorial pal, Karl Rove.

The fact that Frank spread a bunch of money around to assist the political fortunes of the aforesaid, well, four, had absolutely nothing to do with it! Nothing!

None of them questioned why a convicted felon would contribute so lavishly to politicians, especially a Congresswoman who didn't represent him. Nor, apparently, did anybody wonder why Frank seemed to have so damn much money throw around.

Now we have a pretty good idea about the answers to those questions.

One of the people who has been checking up on Frank for some time is Karl Bremer, who has started a new -- and excellent -- series on the whole l'affaire Vennes. Another is Ken Avidor, who has regaled me at Drinking Liberally with Frank Vennes anecdotes for a long time.

This unfolding story involves not merely one, but two, candidates for President of the United States. You ought to follow it.

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