Thursday, July 07, 2011

Wrong Sutton, guys!

Tony Sutton has been hired by the RPM to do his grunt work at a fat 100K per year.

This is the same Tony Sutton who screwed up the RPM books so bad they still aren't straightened out. Tony had to be rescued from that job by then State Auditor Pat Anderson who made Tony her feather bed deputy at the State Auditor's office (the RPM is good at feather bedding, see Michael Brodkorb, Chas Anderson, Davey Strom, Margaret Martin, et al.)

The is the same Tony Sutton who still can't pay the bills for the photocopies he ordered in the pointless and fruitless Emmer recount.

Pretty clearly, the Sutton that the RPM meant to hire (and should have) was this guy.

Willie Sutton. He might have actually helped with the money problems.

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