Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Kurt & Amy's steaming shitburger of revenue!

This one begs for more attention.

At the same time he's saying that he doesn't want to burden our children and grandchildren with debt, the only proposal for additional revenue from the MNGOP is, you guessed it, more debt, in the form of "tobacco bonds" (remember that one of the reasons for the tobacco fund was to take care of health care cost of smoking?) and another shift of $700 million in K-12 school aid funds. We already did that last biennium to the tune of nearly two billion dollars.

Both ideas are just borrowing from the future.

Then, after serving up this steaming shitburger, Kurt and Amy have the gall to say, Since we've come so far, we want every social disfigurement initiative we've thought up for the last twenty years. Do we have a deal, guv?

You couldn't make up these grifters and patent medicine salesmen if you tried.

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