Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bradlee Dean takes Manhattan!

Unsatisfied with simply hijacking the end of the Minnesota legislative session, the Right Reverend Bradlee Dean has set his sights on a national audience. Wednesday, Dean will hold a Manhattan press conference to announce he's suing Rachel Maddow, MSNBC and others for defamation.

Tim Pawlenty's campaign clumsily tried to discredit Michele Bachmann with the Daily Caller migraine story, and failed. Now comes Bradlee Dean, who might well succeed, even though he's trying to help Bachmann:
In an interview earlier this year, MSNBC's president Phil Griffin admitted that the network, to boost its ratings, caters to the so-called "progressive left". This explains the malicious attacks on Bradlee Dean and his ministry, which are being used to harm the presidential campaign of Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, who is a conservative Christian.

In the past, Dean and his ministry have been complemented by presidential candidate Michele Bachmann (who prayed for the ministry) for their work in promoting values for the nation's youth. The left wing media's effort to defame Dean is an obvious way to try to harm Bachmann's presidential prospects, who they fear and despise. Other left wing media outlets have followed MSNBC and Maddow in their slanderous efforts. This suit may just be the first in a series of cases meant to protect the fine reputation of Dean and his ministry.
Oh, goody, there might be more? Please, pretty please!

Actually, given who Dean's retained as counsel, there probably will be a string of lawsuits.
The lawsuit is filed by attorney Larry Klayman, the founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, in DC Superior Court and seeks in excess of $50 million in damages. However, money is not the issue. "This case is filed as a matter of principle," stated Klayman. "We need more Bradlee Deans in the world and hateful left wing television commentators must be made to respect not only his mission but the law," he added.
Klayman's famous for suing the Clinton administration repeatedly over every scandal from Vince Foster to Monica Lewinsky. Since then, Klayman's suffered through an ugly legal battle with Judicial Watch (which he founded), and come in last in the Republican primary in a run for Senate in Florida. Dean may be his ticket back into the big time. It's certainly more high profile than digging into the cost of Michelle Obama's parties at the White House.

The best part of this is that Bradlee Dean, in his quest for media attention, might finally get people to understand the close embrace of his ministry by Bachmann and other Minnesota Republicans. As he defends his "fine reputation," let's hope he gets the attention he seeks.

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