Sunday, July 30, 2006

Importing political courage

The US imports everything else these days: oil, sneakers, electronics, bicycles, the list is endless. Why not political courage? You will recall boys and girls that Spot already mentioned that Senate candidates Amy Klobuchar and Mark Kennedy have the same position on the Israel - Lebanon conflict.

Eric Black at his blog The Big Question recently had a follow-up post on what Green Partry Senate candidate Michael Cavlan thought about that same issue. Here's part of what Cavlan said:

Michael Cavlan, Green Party candidate for United States Senate states “we condemn this resolution [adopted by the US Senate unanimously fully supporting the actions of Israel and embraced by Kennedy and Klobuchar] and the unbelievable political cowardice of those who support it and the Israeli government without any question or reservations.”

Cavlan also states: “Let us be perfectly clear here. No one can claim to support human rights and this resolution and the actions of the Israeli government on Lebanon at the same time”

He further states”in this time of conflict, our country desperately needs voices for peace and sanity. Our campaign will be proud to stand for these noble principles and values, held so dearly by many decent people in Minnesota and elsewhere.”

Cavlan then directed his comments to members of the Minnesota Peace annd Justice community.”We challenge those people in Minnesota who hold these principles and ideals to join in our campaign immediately. The time for courage and decisive action is now.”

Candidate Cavlan is himself not really an import, since he was born in the United States. But he did spend his formative years in Northern Ireland. And he sounds like a fiery Irishman when you hear him.

At least political courage is available for import from somewhere.

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