Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Stephenson does not equal Brodkorb

Tom Sheck is late to the party. He confuses Michael Brodkorb with Zach Stephenson. Silly boy.

Zach Stephenson is a kid, most recently a college student. Zach may be many things, but a party insider he is not. According to Zach, he has been writing for MNPublius for a year. According to the same post, he was hired by the Klobuchar campaign, so he quit MNPublius. Sort of like Mark Gisleson, who ran one of the most successful liberal blogs in Minnesota, but quit when he went to work for Ford Bell. On the other hand, we have Michael Brodkorb.

Mr. Brodkorb has been a Republican factotum since God was a child. He was on the payroll of the Minnesota Republican Party when he started the high-minded policy blog Minnesota Democrats Exposed. He is an employee of a public relations firm associated with Republicans. And Brodkorb is continuing MDE, even though he is going to work for the Mark Kennedy campaign.

And Tom finds equivalence in these two situations? Spot thought the public radio guys were pretty smart. He may have been mistaken.

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