Thursday, July 20, 2006

Today's Republican News Release

(St. Paul, Minnesota) - Two days after Matt Entenza ended his campaign for Attorney General in a cloud of controversy, Matt Entenza still walks the city a free man, fully intending to vote for Amy Klobuchar in the upcoming elections. The Mark Kennedy campaign is calling on Amy Klobuchar to cut all ties with the lower-than-a-worm Matt Entenza until Entenza realizes the error that is his life, divorces Lois (how dare she be more successful than a Republican) Quam, gives all his money to the Minnesota State GOP, hacks off his left pinky finger, and promises to retreat into a cave until his life is cut short by a violent act perpetrated by someone from Murderapolis and his body is placed in an unmarked pauper’s grave in a remote part of the state.

"If Amy Klobuchar is going allow Matt Entenza to remain alive and voting during the middle of this controversy, it raises serious questions," said Pat "Enron" Shortridge, campaign manager for Mark Kennedy 06. "Given reports of Entenza funneling money back to the someone other than a GOP candidate from some obscure PAC in South Dakota, and given Matt Entenza’s current struggle with every glob of mud we have flung at him, Amy Klobuchar should do the right thing and begin chopping off her own fingers until all the evidence is out in the open. To do anything less is making a mockery of the one party nation the Republican party has worked so hard to build."

"Amy Klobchar and her Liberal friends have dared once too often to point fingers at those of us who really are above the law. As Republicans, we are entitled to say one thing and do another. She is not," continued Shortridge. "Will this be another example where we need to watch Amy Klobuchar? You would have thought what we did to Matt Entenza would have taught her. Her unwillingness to do as we require is quickly becoming a pattern."

(Hat tip to MDE)

Update from Spot: Be sure to read the comments to the MDE post that MNObserver links to.

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