Thursday, July 27, 2006

Who are you and why are you running?

Ember Reichgott Junge has been hauled in the dock by Brian Melendez and the DFL party for this billboard:

And a court entered this order:
1. That there is probable cause to believe that Ember Reichgott Junge violated Minnesota Statute 211B.02 by using the initials "DFL" on her campaign billboards, web pages, and emails.

2. That this matter is referred to the Chief Administrative Law Judge for assignment to a panel of three Administrative Law Judges pursuant to Minnesota Statute 211B.35.
Wow. Do you suppose Ember will get the chair? What moral sin has Ember committed?

Here's the statute:
211B.02 False claim of support.

A person or candidate may not knowingly make, directly or indirectly, a false claim stating or implying that a candidate or ballot question has the support or endorsement of a major political party or party unit or of an organization. A person or candidate may not state in written campaign material that the candidate or ballot question has the support or endorsement of an individual without first getting written permission from the individual to do so.

What is Ember running for?

She running for Congress, grasshopper. But first, she has to win the DFL primary in September.

But how will people know she is running in the DFL primary if she can't say she's a DFLer?

That is an excellent question grasshopper. What is the sound of one hand clapping? It's a puzzle isn't it?

Spot imagines the next candidate event in the DFL primary race for the 5th District seat. Brian Melendez sits behind the group wielding a stout hickory switch. Every time one of the candidates, except the endorsed Keith Ellison, mentions DFL, Brian administers a sound whack!

Keith Ellison has the 5th District endorsement, and that should count for something. But it doesn't count for everything. And he is the only one who can claim to be "DFL endorsed." This is a silly, fractious lawsuit, and Spot recommends that the DFL drop it.

Update: Neither Democratic Farmer Labor Party nor DFL are registered trademarks, either.

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