Tuesday, July 25, 2006

This is Biblical!

The prodigal gas bag has come home! At least that's what Katie tells us. That's right, the right wing talk show host Jason Lewis is leaving his shangri-la - Charlotte, North Carolina - and returning to Minnesota. The irony is rich; it is too bad that neither Katie nor Lewis has a sense for it. "Mr. Right," pictured below, apparently made a wrong turn when he left Minnesota and his gig at KSTP AM a scant three years ago. [Spot had a great photoshopped picture of Jason, but it didn't get past the censors.]

Why is it again that Jason left us: Oh yeah. This from a interview with Kay Tillitson at the Star Tribune:
What will he miss most about Minnesota?

"The winter and the taxes," he [Lewis] said. "That's what I really wish I could stay for."
Boys and girls, Spot is pretty sure that Jason was just being sarcastic.

And why is he coming back? From his interview with Katie:
What lured Lewis back from balmy Charlotte? "People think Minnesota is more liberal than it is, and North Carolina is more conservative than it is," he says. Lewis says he was surprised by the "apathy" in the Tarheel State, as well as the state's escalating tax burden. He deplores, in particular, what he calls the devastating effects of a flood of illegal immigrants on health care and education.
And Jason and his wife want to raise their children in Minnesota!

Apparently, Jason was disappointed that there weren't more slack-jawed droolers in North Carolina than Minnesota. Unexpected, really. Anyway, welcome back Jason. We can use the tax revenue.

Katie and Jason, sittin' in a tree.

What was that, Spotty?

Oh, nuthin.'

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