Friday, July 14, 2006

Spot's new crush

Coleen Rowley came to Drinking Liberally last night. Rowley is the former FBI agent, whistle-blower, and Time Person of the Year who is challenging John Kline in Minnesota's Second District. She was personable and well spoken, and she took and answered questions directly. Spot thinks it is fair to say that Rowley was well-liked by the hard-bitten (no pun intended) mostly-blogger crowd.

You all remember Coleen Rowley, don't you boys and girls? She's the FBI agent who wanted to look at the hard drive contents of Zacarias Moussaoui's computer after he was arrested in Minnesota on an immigration violation but she couldn't get the FBI to apply for a FISA warrant. As it turns out, the feds might have found out something about why some people were taking flying lessons, and they also might have learned about Richard Reid before we found about him because passengers had to blow out the matches he was using to try to light his shoe bomb.

Anyway, Rowley had some interesting facts about John Kline's voting record. Especially interesting to Spot was Kline's poor voting record, according to public interest groups involved in these areas, on the environment and veteran's affairs. Kline is a hunter and fisherman, and of course a Marine Corps veteran.

Kline receives a lot of special-interest money, including $30,000 last election cycle from Tom Delay's PAC (Spot has posted about this before, and as Yogi Berra used to say, "You can look it up.") So Spotty says all you Democrats, progressives, environmentalists, and true supporters of our military, go over to her site and contribute some money to Coleen Rowley.

Update: Check out Charlie Quimby and Smartie's take on the DL evening, too.

Update on the update: It was REW's post, not Smartie's. Sorry, REW. Spot didn't mean to create a rew-barb.

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