Wednesday, July 26, 2006

What would Michel Brodkorb do?

That's the question posed by MNObserver in sending this article along: St. Paul police cite Sen. Norm Coleman's father for lewd and disorderly conduct. Here's the first graf:
Norm Coleman Sr., the father of Minnesota's junior senator, was cited for lewd and disorderly conduct Tuesday after police officers reported finding him engaged in a sex act in a car near a pizzeria on E. 7th St. in St. Paul.
Oh, dear! But Spot was relieved to read paragraph two:
A police report said officers were called to Savoy Inn [Spot: savory indeed!] about 6:30 p.m to investigate a report that two people were having sex in a car. The police report stated a woman, Patrizia Marie Schrag, 38, also was cited for lewd and disorderly conduct.
Spot was afraid at first the old fellow was a practitioner of Onanism! And his partner was a woman, too! What a relief!

We all know what Michael Brodkorb would do if this was the father of a DLFer. But Spot says it is just a case of overt age discrimmination. You see, when you're 81, it is hard to stay up late enough in the summer for it to be dark when you have sex in a car.

And people, if sex is so lewd and disorderly, how did you all get here?

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