Monday, July 17, 2006

More from Death Squad John

Spot is trying to get ready to be away for a few days, but he can't let this one from this morning from Death Squad John at Power Line slide by:
Cease Fire?

Breaking news: Israel reportedly has proposed a cease-fire if Hezbollah agrees to release the two captured Israeli soldiers and withdraw from southern Lebanon, to be replaced there by the Lebanese Army.

My first reaction is that a cease-fire seems premature, as Hezbollah's capabilities are not yet sufficiently degraded. On the other hand, it would be a major political defeat for Hezbollah to be ousted from southern Lebanon, and a significant strategic accomplishment for Israel--assuming, of course, that one has confidence in the Lebanese Army. As such, it seems doubtful whether Hezbollah will agree; so the offer may be a sensible prelude, from a political standpoint, to further hostilities.

Yes, DSJ, I guess Hizbullah is not yet in its last throes, like the insurgents in Iraq! For better worse, Hizbullah is probably the strongest military force in Lebanon. It ain't goin' anywhere, DSJ. The Israeli strategy here is to try to provoke - or rather hope for - another Lebanese civil war. But it wouldn't get rid of Hizbullah.

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