Thursday, January 04, 2007

Dear Katie,

This morning, Katie turns into an advice columnist to tell Lori Swanson to be careful about having Mike Hatch around. It's really more of a gratuitous slam of Mike Hatch than anything else. Spot did find one thing funny, though.

Katie offers Swanson some "practical advice":
First, pick your own agenda. Year after year, we've heard from Hatch
that evil Minnesota corporations are perpetrating malevolent designs on
us poor ignorant folk that only he can foil. These corporate bogeymen
are guilty of nefarious things: Collecting bills. Turning down some
insurance claims. Running their own corporate affairs. Will they stop
at nothing?
How about giving us a new vision that focuses more on
real crime? Like your sensible use of the office's bully pulpit to urge
legislative hearings on law enforcement funding, with an eye to cutting
Minneapolis' high crime rate and methamphetamine distribution in
outstate Minnesota.

Gee, that sounds like your agenda, Katie. Let's see if Spot has this right: if the AG's Office continues down the path set by Mike Hatch and his team, Swanson's a tool, but if she follows Katie's agenda, she's her own woman?

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