Saturday, January 27, 2007

The newest hostage taker

Spot was going to put up a longer post about this, but Buzzflash already beat him to it with a headline that links to this story. Brand-spanking-new Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said this about the current efforts to pass a resolution against the Prezinut's troop surge:
Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Friday an effort in Congress
to pass a resolution opposing President Bush's troop buildup undercuts
U.S. commanders in Iraq and "emboldens the enemy."
Well, Bobby, they're pretty damn bold already. Spot doesn't think that the insurgents and the sectarian death squads are gonna say, "Okay, 20,000 more: we give up! Uncle! We know when we're beat!" You and George must have the same dealer. Pretty good stuff, eh?

Buzzflash's point was that Gates is just another in a long line of charlatans and confidence men who are trying to take legitimate dissent about the war off the table because the American public is finally waking up and isn't buying the baloney that's been offered up since the fall of 2002--or earlier. They are trying to take us intellectually hostage.

Gates seemed to promise a breath of fresh air during his confirmation hearings. But he sounds pretty Rumsfeldian already.

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