Thursday, January 18, 2007

He's trying, really

Spot is trying to taper off of Katie; he really is. She is such an unserious person, especially when one considers things like, say, the hanging of defendants on hearsay evidence (see the previous post). However.

Today's column about the bad stuff on the teevee is vintage Katie. She quotes the Parents [sic - it should be plural possessive; the numskulls can't even punctuate the name of their organization properly] Television Council's recent study that television violence is way up. What the Strib's resident communis rixatrix doesn't mention is that the PTC is behind 99% of the FCC's indecency complaints received.

These people are not merely prudish, they are lustfully, salaciously prudish. They can't seem to get enough of what they complain about. And neither can Katie. Here's how her column opens:
A woman, victim of a gruesome murder, lies on an examining table. When
a needle is inserted into her eye to draw fluid, the eyeball comes out,
nerves dangling. Meanwhile, investigators stumble upon a basement
laboratory where someone has been conducting medical experiments. They
discover two Asian men in their underwear on the floor. They appear to
have been sewn together along the spine. One is dead, the other barely
alive. They are drenched in blood.
Katie's pulse must have quickened a little as she wrote that. How many times did you have to rewind your TiVo to get that all straight, Katie?

Katie's a great one to complain about the nanny state unless it's something she wants nannied.

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