Tuesday, January 23, 2007

"Helping" Iraqi Christians

Katie and her pious fundie ilk need to have their noses rubbed in this as often as possible:
THOUSANDS of Iraqi Christians have sought refuge in Damascus and may
never return to Iraq, a Christian campaigning charity, the Barnabas
Fund, warned this week.

The United Nations has launched a campaign to raise money for
Iraqi refugees, mostly Sunni and Shia Muslims, but the Barnabas Fund
said that Christian refugees could be forgotten.

The Iraqi Christian population had dropped to about 500,000, a
third of its level of 20 years ago. An estimated 350,000 Christians had
fled since 2003, it said.
Katie told us that the fall of Saddam Hussein would be so good for Christians, especially with the help of the faithful at Grace Church:
[T]he communis rixatrix delivers another serving of codswallop on Monday, August 22nd in the Strib. In a column titled In Iraq, Grace takes amazing hold,
Katherine Kersten tells us of the foothold that Christianity has gained
in Iraq since the fall of Saddam Hussein, thanks in large part to the
efforts of Grace Church in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. And as usual, Katie
displays stunning ignorance of what the military calls the facts on the ground. As Frazier once said to Cliff, What color is the sky in your world, Katie? Well, he didn't say Katie, but you know what Spot means.

Katie tells us about an Iraqi Christian pastor who suffered under Saddam
Hussein and who was so glad that the regime fell. She then tells us
about all the help that the fellow has received from the evangelical
Grace Church.

Katie, Spot hates to break the news to you, but there have been Christians in Iraq for a helluva lot longer than there have been Christians in, say, Eden Prairie. Yeah,
it's true. Spotty is too cranky today to give you much of a history
lesson, but he suggests that you take a look at this BBC piece
on the BBC website. If you like to listen while you read, although Spot
warns you of the dangers of multitasking, he also recommends this NPR interview.

Katie is happiest when she watches somebody grinding somebody else's face in the Good News.
Things haven't turned out so swell for the Iraqi Christians, after all, have they Katie? Oh well. It doesn't affect Katie, so what's the biggie?

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