Friday, January 19, 2007

The only one in the world

Charlie, the world's only living double-Spotty winner (Spot predicts that will be a trivia question someday, so commit that fact to memory, boys and girls), came close to the unheard of hat-trick Spotty with this post. Even though it is reproduced here to memorialize commemorate the event, you are expected to click through to give Charlie the traffic:
Okay, since you asked:

Tell me this: What is the difference between a police department increasing the number of officers in a high-crime area and what President Bush is going to do in Iraq? What if the police said that they should just pull their officers out of the area and leave it to the residents to fix the problems? We'd have the same vigilante/sectarian violence that is happening in Iraq right now.

Letter, Star Tribune


A. U.S. military forces are not police

B. Iraq has police

C. Bush putting U.S. "police" in Iraq is like al Maliki putting Iraqi police in your neighborhood

D. Many of the residents of the "neighborhood" resent the presence of the outsiders and will not cooperate with them

E. Your high-crime area may need more police, but the police already there didn't unleash the crime wave.

Otherwise, I see what you mean.

This is, of course, from the guy whose blog is dedicated to bringing us all together. It always pleases Spot to no end when Charlie gets a little venomous. Venom is Spot's default position, but he likes it when others come over to the dark side, too.

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