Friday, January 26, 2007

We knew her before

Cartoon by Steve Sack, Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Listen up, you Atrii, you Koses, you Renegades, and everybody else. Michele Bachmann: we knew her before she burst on a national stage at the SOTU, before she bloomed into the national consciousness as the replacement for Katherine Harris.

We knew her when she was just a bat-shit crazy state senator with a medieval anti-gay agenda.

Why we knew Katherine Michele back when God told her to run for congress after three days of fasting (and Al Franken memorably observed that you shouldn't make important decisions on an empty stomach), and we heard the follow-up, too.

After Michele won the election, we were there to comfort her when she had a nightmare that she lost the election, and to cheer her on when she had to get Mark Kennedy out of his office after he lost is bid to become a senator.

And as late as last week, we were on top of Michele's attempts at persuasion of Jim Ramstad, the aftermath of the kiss and its strain on Michele's marriage, and Michele's entry into the occult.

There are many other Minnesota bloggers who have had Michele Bachmann in their sites for a long time, including Dump Michele Bachmann.

Now, we're willing to share, but don't forget where the real mother lode is.

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