Saturday, November 01, 2008

Dear Mitch,

Spot was going to send Mitch an email, but he decided to share this with the boys and girls.

Mitch gets mad at Spot, well, fairly often. This doesn't especially surprise Spot, because it is usually because Spot has tweaked Mitch a little.

A little, Spot?

Well, okay sometimes a lot. Your insistence on accuracy gets annoying sometimes, grasshopper.

Spot's latest little shot at Mitch and the rest of the boyz at the bile duct known as Patriot 1280 involved their Resentment Radio Fest at Orchestra Hall. Never has that place been subjected to such such dissonant strains: Hugh Hewitt, Dennis Prager, and Michael Medved. But it obviously got Mitch's juices flowing:

No lack of energy [in the crowd].  Sorry, Sorosphere; after weeks of declaring the election already won, it’s just not sinking in with all of us plumbers and hockey moms.  Suffice to say that even if Mac loses, 2010 is going to make 1994 look like a Camp Wellstone sing-along.

Does this sound like a call to bi-partisanship to you, boys and girls?

It sounds like a call to violence, Spotty.

Yes, it did sound that way to Spot, too. In fact, Mitch describes how Prager, especially, was able to work the crowd into quite a lathered state! It's a good thing there weren't any godless liberals milling around on the streets after the Rally! Who knows what might have happened?

Anyway, it reminded Spot of some soirées that took place in places like Nuremberg and Berlin in the thirties, and Spot intimated as much with a picture.

Mitch says this was way over the top. No Mitch, it was close to the top, but not over it.

But that's not even the point of this post.

The gravamen of Mitch's complaint, as it often is, is that Spot writes with a pseudonym. But you can check back, Mitch or anybody else, and Spot has never written about anything that Mitch hadn't already posted about on Shot in the Dark. Sure, Spot makes up little stories about what he read, because they are more memorable and perhaps make the point better than a straight critique. It is obvious to persons of even modest intellect that these stories are made up. Spot's readers seem to think so.

Spot has never written about the "twenty years ago" dreck that Mitch seems so intent on inflicting on his readers, nor any other aspects of Mitch's undoubtedly colorful life. And unlike Mitch, Spot has never made little word plays on Mitch's blog name, like Shot in the Head, or Shit in his Hat, at least until now.

Mitch's problem is that Spot is too "abstract" to make ad hominem attacks against him. Like the ones that he does against Spot's friends Eva and Avidor. Like the ones that all the common vulgarians at the Patriot 1280 rally would like.

Perhaps someday, Mitch, you will tell Spot why you disagree with his commentary, instead of railing about how unsatisfying it is to merely call him an asshole.

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