Saturday, November 22, 2008

A teachable moment

Spot will admit - now he has your attention - that he drives conservatives, and conservative bloggers especially, crazy. It's been a wonder to behold, really. But he doesn't dish ten percent of what conservative bloggers do at Nick Coleman, Eva, lately even Ron Erhardt, gays, anti-war types, people on the St. Paul issues list, public schools, and liberals in general. These characters have had the bluster and badger field pretty much to themselves for a long time. But Spot is so "vile."

And darn, they really don't want to share the bluster and badger ground. Even with somebody who almost never even cusses. Or even with someone who confines himself to commenting on what conservative bloggers have publicly written. Acerbically, but not anywhere except to the blogger's public personae. All bloggers are a constructed facade, whether they use their name or not.

Spot believes this proprietary sense is, frankly, because they can dish it out, but they really can't take it. So much easier to call someone an assnozzle, prick, fucker, fascist, "nazi's," or one of the other myriad displays of the conservative command of the English language. This is what is known, boys and girls, as going into a battle of wits lightly armed.

Or, to identify someone - Spot - when Spot has never revealed a private fact about anybody. Last night, Spot intimated that he had some stuff on some people. Right on cue, Mitch posts how glad he is that he isn't Spot. Jesus, Mitch that makes two of us!

Spot isn't sure why Mitch's ears were burning, but he can relax. Because Spot agrees with your sentiment that people are entitled to a private life. Perhaps we can all consider this a teachable moment.

But sigh, probably not.

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