Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Winona County

I think Winona county's election results speak pretty well to what happened in Minnesota last night.

Independence DEAN BARKLEY 278210.22
Republican NORM COLEMAN 1131441.55
Democratic-Farmer-Labor AL FRANKEN 1275346.83

Republican JOHN MCCAIN AND SARAH PALIN 1097039.28
Democratic-Farmer-Labor BARACK OBAMA AND JOE BIDEN 1630758.39

Republican BRIAN J. DAVIS 818531.00
Democratic-Farmer-Labor TIM WALZ 1719065.10

If you want to cry over Franken's spilled milk, this is where you do it. All he had to do was ride Walz and Obama's coattails to a county with a working class college town, no less.

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