Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Siggy fields a question from Curious

Dear Sigmund Spot,

If women are from Venus, and men are from Mars, are rightwingnuts really from Planet Denial, and just what [expletive deleted] solar system is that crazy place located in, anyway??!?


Liebe Curious,

Zis is more of za astronomical - or maybe za astrological - question zan za psychiatric vun. But za shrinks haf made za efforts, ja. You may recall za Crasier Frane, ach, Frasier Crane who asked za wingnut Cliff zis question:

Vut color is za sky in your vorld, Cliff?

Za Cliff's answer is not recorded. Other zan zat, Siggy cannot find anything in za psychiatric literature.

Zo ve vill speculate! Ja?

Zis Planet Denial is probably paired with za Planet Delusion vay za hell out zhere. Zis is probably a cold place vith very short days and nights, because zis planet spins wery fast and makes za inhabitants dizzy!

Siggy tinks zat za inhabitants of Planet Denial came from zome place else and don't vant to admit vhere zey are, even to zemselves.

Siggy also tinks he heard zat za National Review was going to take za cruise zhere zometime.

More zan zat, Siggy cannot zay.

Zincerely, Siggy

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