Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dear Sigmund Spot,

Based on a question from TwoPutt Tommy this afternoon, and Spot's reply to it, it occurs to Spot that it might be a helpful service to you, boys and girls, to have Sigmund Spot occasionally answer your questions about right wingers.

Siggy is a cranky old fart; he probably won't answer all your questions, and he'll probably only answer questions of a general nature and not ones related to any particular winger. But you never know.

Want to get some ideas about dealing with the winger in-laws over the holidays or the drooling bigot at work? Ask Sigmund Spot.

Zo, or rather so, fire away. Siggy will undoubtedly be moved to answer the more intriguing questions. Send you questions to blogspotdog at gmail.com so they can be forwarded to Siggy. Inquiries may be made in confidence with confidence.

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