Sunday, November 16, 2008

There is no better metaphor

If Spot wanted to think of an image of the post-election Republican party, he absolutely could not think of a better one than imagining the whole lot of them gathering themselves up and shipping off somewhere to talk to themselves. And you'll never guess, boys and girls; they did it.

Scott Johnson signed on to the recent National Review post-election cruise as a minor sun around which a few of his smaller planetary shipmates might revolve. Not to say there weren't some big names. Mittens and the Big Sleepy were there, apparently signing up late in order to get out of town. Mark Steyn, K-Lo, Jonah Goldberg; they were all there.

And Spot's favorite, Victor Davis Hanson, was aboard; he was undoubtedly hawking his Peloponnesian War chess set and his new CD, Etesian Breezes: Goatherd Music Through the Ages.

It must have been a glittering affair, Spot; it's hard to imagine!

Luckily grasshopper, we don't have to imagine. Johann Hari went on an earlier National Review cruise and wrote about it!  Spot is sure this last one had just as many specimens of the autism spectrum disorder called Republicanism as the one Hari wrote about, even more according to Scott.

Scott tells us there was even one woman who has been on ten, yes ten, National Review cruises! This must be either an ancient dowager queen, or a younger tomato looking for a new sugar daddy.

Spot just wishes that we had all, boys and girls, been there standing on the dock of reality and bidding a fond adieu to the good ship Delusion.

Either that, or good riddance.

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