Tuesday, November 11, 2008

That's the word, all right

It came to Spot today, unbidden. In over three years of reading blogs and writing this one, Spot has been unable to find the word that summed up the festering Bund of the right wing blogosphere. But he's got it now: bullies.

What, after all, is a bully? It's someone who is cruel and overbearing, a thug. Someone who picks on somebody else, preferably smaller and weaker, maybe to make himself feel like a big cheese, or even just appear to be one to the drooling sycophants he wants to impress. The words of the bully almost always have a tinge of intimidation in them, or sometimes more than just a tinge.

There they sit on the bar stool of grudge and resentment, taking big swigs from their tankards of bile, belting out tuneless refrains of impotent rage. Then, tottering home in crazed and bilious humors, they sit down and write stuff like this. Or this.

It is no especial mystery why all the paranoid, poisoned, gun-toting crazies are all on one side. The pathology is unremarkable. But its consequences over the last twenty five years or so have been catastrophic. It is a period from which the barest signs of emerging have now just appeared. But the bud is nascent and the bullies will try to kill it.

Courage my friends.

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