Thursday, November 06, 2008

It's not dragging on and no one needs to man up

Two quick things for the jackals in our local media:

1- An automatic recount that runs according to a clearly defined and detailed process does not "drag on".
2- Al Franken does not need to do the "right thing" or "man up" by saying that he wants to end the recount.

I write this because we are going to see a replay of 2000 when it comes to the way our media clowns cover the recount. There is a time line. There is a process. There is even a manual to use as a guide. Yet somehow, during the next few weeks we'll hear and read one narrative after another that is picked up from either a cocktail party or a green room which suggests that Franken is somehow demeaning the will of the people, hurting the healing process, or some other made-up bullshit nonsense.

The election was close enough to generate an automatic recount. Every vote needs to be properly counted.

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