Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Neat! Precincts!

Spot learned about a neat election results mapping project that will be up at 'CCO teevee's website after the polls close tonight. It will show Minnesota election results by precinct - there are apparently 4,100 of 'em - with a color code. A neat trick. You'll be able to see the maps by going to the linked 'CCO website.

The maps are navigable and can bee zoomed in and out, right down to the precinct level. If you want to see what it'll look like, boys and girls, you can check out a specimen map constructed out of data from the Klobuchar - Kennedy race from a couple of years ago. Go over there, click around. Find your own precinct, even if you live in a dense urban area.

Here's just a picture of the entire state:

The app's author, Matthew Pettis, will be on the station's webcast coverage tonight, and he will be interviewed tomorrow morning on WCCO television during the morning show, 5 - 7 AM.

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