Monday, October 04, 2010

Drinking Liberally October 7th

See the updated guest list at the foot of the post!


We have a great guest lineup for this week, Thursday, October 7th. This is one that the Stool’s suburban readers won’t want to miss.

First, at seven o'clock, Jim Meffert, the DFL candidate for the Third Congressional District seat held by Erik Paulsen, will be our guest and speaker. Jim was recognized recently by David Schultz, professor at Hamline and frequent media commenter on politics, as a "great candidate" and perfect fit for the Third District. Come and listen to Jim.

We've also invited several candidates and legislators from western suburban legislative districts to be around, meet with voters, and say a word or two about themselves, too.

We meet six to nine PM on Thursdays at the 331 Club.

I’ll add updates of other guest as they confirm.

Update: Ron Case, candidate in SD42, John Benson, incumbent in 43B,  Kevin Staunton, candidate in 41A, Steve Simon, incumbent in 44A, and Joni Bennett, candidate for the Edina City Council have said to expect them, although Kevin, Steve and Joni may be there a little later due to prior commitments. I think there will be more, too.

Paul Rosenthal’s campaign just contacted me, and he’s going to try to make it, too. Paul is the incumbent in 41B.

My favorite guest confirmation, though, is Jim Meffert’s mother-in-law, Jean, star of this recent campaign video. She will introduce Jim to the crowd. You aren’t going to want to miss this.

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