Monday, October 18, 2010

Pastor Brad’s Chosen People

L.K. Hanson had another great cartoon in the op-ed section of the Strib this morning (although I cannot find it in the online edition):

Heinlein2jpeg cropped

Now consider this, from an article in the Minnesota Independent, again this morning:


You do have to wonder what apostasy Erik Paulsen has committed to be left off the list! But I digress.

Pastor Brad made these political endorsements from the pulpit yesterday; he is just one more knuckle-headed self-appointed spokesman for God. In the Minnesota Independent piece, he challenges the IRS to take away his church’s tax-exempt status. Perhaps Pastor Brad believes that the IRS is merely a temporal force that can’t touch him: he’s protected by a holy force field. The revenoors will bounce right off!

Time will tell.

Regardless of the IRS issue, Pastor Brad supplies a great example of why government should not be in the God business, and vice versa. Do you really want your government run by poisonous hacks — appointed and maybe anointed, with canola oil or whatever else is handy — like Pastor Brad? Or Terry Jones (who apparently went to high school with Rush Limbaugh)?  Or Fred Phelps?

If you do, you’ll wind up with political leaders like Dan Severson (endorsed by Pastor Brad), who uses “shining light on a hill” rhetoric in his speeches, but goes on to say that the United States is not a democracy, advocates making women pay for rape kits, and was the last Minnesota legislator to propose we adopt a capital punishment law. Electing Dan Severson would be Capitol punishment for us all.

Or how about the guy at the top of Pastor Dan’s list, Tom Emmer? A candidate who uses “sovereign citizen rhetoric,” pals around with the gay-hating Bradlee Dean (a self-proclaimed preacher with his own pipeline to God), opposes (along with that other Christianist saint, Michele Bachmann) anti-bullying legislation, wants to castrate sex offenders, thinks guns made in Minnesota should be exempt from federal regulation, and also thinks that licensed pharmacists shouldn’t have to dispense birth control pills if they don’t want to.

Perhaps next Sunday Pastor Brad will offer imprecatory prayers for the opponents of his Chosen People.


Alec Timmerman said...

If you read the bible carefully, between the lines and all, you will find that Jesus spent 99% of his efforts railing against homosexuality and fighitng abortion. These pastors must be able to read those hidden lines because they certainly don't follow the teachings of Jesus that the rest of the world can read.

Anyway, someone should clue these guys in that if you tear down the walls between church and state you open up the door for anything, Sharia Law, Mormon Law, or whatver. They are terrified of that.

blogspotdog said...

But Alec, they think it only "their" law that would apply. Because they're the only ones who have it right.

Phoenix Woman said...

I was just thinking about the Berean League the other day.  Remember how the TheoCons managed to announce their takeover of the RPM (still the IRPM at the time, even though they did the RNC's bidding same as any other state or local GOP group) by sneaking Al Quie into the governor's mansion when the electorate was distracted by the Wendy Anderson-Rudy Perpich hoo-ha?  He only lasted a term before the voters begged to have Rudy back.  That was the last time Minnesotans ever knowingly elected a TheoCon nutbar to the Governor's Mansion.

Speaking of which, could someone go in and fix the Wikipedia entry for Al Quie?  I'm speaking of this part:

Quie ran for and was elected governor of Minnesota in 1978.<sup></sup><span>[</span>5<span>]</span> During his single term, he dealt with an extreme budget crisis, and chose to make some very tough and unpopular choices. He opted not to run again in 1982.<sup></sup><span>[</span>6<span>]</span>

Alec Timmerman said...

Weird how the Jihadists and the Teahadists think so much alike in that way.