Friday, October 22, 2010

Tenther Dreams

In response to one of the several nullification videos and posts I’ve done, a reader called my attention to a video clip — apparently from a cable TV show — of Sue Jeffers and Minnesota Senate District 67 GOP candidate Krysia Weidell sitting down and grooving on the Tenth Amendment. It was so puerile and over the top; I couldn’t resist annotating it a little.

Sue Jeffers and Krysia Weidell grooving on the Tenth Amendment

Other than the inserted comments, the clip is unedited from the one appearing on YouTube.

Update: Here’s the ersatz legal learning photo that MNO refers to in her comment to the post:

k2 reads the dred scott decision


Alec Timmerman said...

Thanks. Also, this lady is on the PTO of L'Etoile du Nord elementary, which is a super high performing public elementary school in St. Paul. As a PTO member of one of the highest performing public schools in the nation, you'd be surprised what she thinks of all teachers. The following is from her senate site.<span></span>

<span>"But, teachers don’t seem to take the time; they don’t seem to care."</span>

blogspotdog said...

Somebody sent me an email, "Nothing says trying something new like reasserting states' rights."

MNObserver said...

One loves the ambiance created by strategically placed law books in the scene.  Almost as if real law stuff is being discussed.  Not unlike this image of the scholar hard at work learning the ins and outs of the Supremacy Clause.

Phoenix Woman said...

Need I point out that this is all warmed-over Posse Comitatus bullshit?  (Which itself was warmed-over John Birch Neo-Confederate bullshit?)  The only real difference is that a bunch of billionaires like the Koch brothers are now funding its dissemination.

blogspotdog said...

If the Koch brothers lived in 1832, they would have lived in South Carolina.