Monday, October 04, 2010

This and that

A few short observations from the likes of me:

Can't help but notice that Katherine Kersten has decided to celebrate the close of Banned Books Week by complaining about college freshmen having to - wouldn't you know - read books.

King Banaian seems to have disappeared from the radio for some reason. I'm sure he'll return to the public airwaves after he's through trying to land another government-funded job decrying the evils of government.

In other news, Sheila continues to feel the very air hum. No word yet on whether the ceiling is dripping, but that barrel shaped orange sunshine can do a number on you, I hear.

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DiscordianStooge said...

Oh Katie, this paragraph is the most best:

Another feature of many common texts is their heavy emphasis on alienation, both personal and cultural. This might seem odd, given that American college students -- among history's most fortunate people -- are the beneficiaries of opportunities that are the envy of their peers around the world.

That's kind of the point,isn't it? To show these kids who are the "envy of their peers" that there are people living in conditions that we priviledged few couldn't even imagine?