Friday, October 22, 2010

The Year of the Nutjob

That’s the title of The New Republic’s article on this election cycle’s most bizarre candidates and their beliefs.

emmer weirdYou will never guess who is nutjob numero uno in the article. Well, okay, if you’re a reader here, you might. Or if you just looked at the photo from the article.

TNR had this to say about our pal Stonewall:

Emmer is a “Tenther”—that is, he believes the Tenth Amendment (which reserves powers not granted to Uncle Sam for the states) should be used to nullify numerous Democratic laws. He’s also proposed some roadblocks of his own—like a state constitutional amendment that would prohibit any federal law from being enforced in Minnesota unless it’s ratified by supermajorities of the state legislature. [and also approved by the governor]

Gosh, where have you heard about that before? Over, and over, and over again?

TNR took a swipe at Emmer for his impaired driving legislative offerings, too:

So wary is Emmer of excessive government intervention that he’s come out for laxer drunk-driving laws, although it’s conceivable this position was partly inspired by his two previous arrests for DWI.

Emmer tops the heap in an article that lists Dan Maes, gubernatorial candidate in Colorado; Ken Buck, Senate candidate in Colorado; Bill Randall, House candidate, North Carolina; Tim Crawford, House candidate, Indiana (a man that TNR say is crazier than Dan Burton, who “memorably” shot a pumpkin in his backyard to prove that Vince Foster was murdered); Allen West, House candidate, Florida; Tom Mullins, House candidate, New Mexico; Andrew Raczkowski, House candidate, Michigan; and Ed Martin, House candidate, Missouri.

Well done, Stonewall.


Rob Levine said...

I don't get why Dem's are going after Emmer's personal finances when they've got this stuff. BTW - this link is a little old - the story is dated September 14.

blogspotdog said...

Rob's right; I just saw it on a Facebook post, however. Sorry.

DiscordianStooge said...

That explains why O'Donnell isn't mentioned.

Jane Miles said...

Acutally it's just a couple of months of the nutjob before he's forced into retirement:-)

blogspotdog said...

She has kind of burst on the scene, hasn't she? The question is, would she have displaced Stonewall from the top spot?

Phoenix said...

On the one hand, Emmer doesn't have any embarrassing Bill Maher appearances in his past.  On the other, O'Donnell doesn't have any embarrassing instances of failed attempts to hold stealth rallies in ethnic neighborhoods where she's most noted for hating the guts of that particular ethnicity:

Phoenix Woman said...

Ah, Dan Burton.  That name brings back memories.  He's the family-values jerk who turned out to have a secret sex life that far outstripped anything the guy he was trying to impeach over sex could have done:

blogspotdog said...

One must admit, Emmer is some pretty heady company here.