Friday, October 29, 2010

Pick the winner

So, amateur handicappers, you've had more than enough time to sift through the polls. Now is the time to choose. In the comments make your guess on the Governor's race. For fun, let's add two congressional races, CD6 and CD8. (EDIT: KSTP /SurveyUSA just released polling from CD 8 - Oberstar 47, Cravaack 46, Other/Undecided 7. I made my prediction before I knew that, and I'm going to stick to my prediction.)

No big prizes here, but you'll get the honor, and I'll buy you a beer if you come down to Drinking Liberally at the 331 Club some Thursday. I'll lead off...


Dayton 43.6%
Emmer 42.3%
Horner 13.0%
Other 1.1%


Bachmann 49.1%
Clark 41.2%
Anderson 8.8%
Immelman 0.9%


Oberstar 56.3%
Cravaack 42.5%
Other 1.2%


blogspotdog said...

I don't think the governor's race will be that close. Oberstar's will be closer. I think you got CD6 about right, regrettably.

Alec Timmerman said...

Kind of tangential, but did you all see the three guys running for judge positions. One of them literally and explicitly says that God's law should be considered first, then the constitution. The other two want god put back on the bench and a religious litmus test for judges. One of them fought to keep sodomy laws. Apparently anti-big government except for in the bedroom, where he likes his government really, really big.

blogspotdog said...

Not at all tangential. I've been meaning to mention the judicial races. All of the challengers at the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court level have ideological agendas. Not what we want for judges. The system for a referendum on judges' retention is likely to change in coming years. In the meantime, one needs to be leery of judicial challenges. Most of them are based on an ideological agenda.

Rob Levine said...

Okay I'll play:

Dayton      44
Emmer      40
Horner      15
Other         1